The mother picked up her child and looked into the infants’ young eyes. The Baby looked at her with curiosity and opened its mouth just to expose the gums that had not yet grown fully in. The mother smiled sweetly at the child and held her tight in her arms. She started to whisper the ABCs in the Childs ears. The Baby moved its head into her shoulder and moved it around as it tried to get comfortable. The Baby closed its eyes as it hears the sound of his mother’s voice. The mother moved back and forth slowly putting The Baby to sleep.

The Baby stayed in her arms almost making it feel like there was nothing in her arms at all. It was as if there were a bag of feathers in her arms. She stopped singing and started to move to her bedroom and walked over to the bed. The bed was small but nig enough for the both of them. She moved on the bed and fell slowly onto the soft covers as The Baby took a deep breath in and then sighed as it fell deeply asleep.

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