Van Mantra's Trial

“I, Van Mantra, will lead you towards survival” he said in a confident tone. People across the nation were little convinced by the stranger who claimed impossible things. Some dismissed it as an elaborate joke, while most were still curious. As they say, curiousity killed the cat. Van Mantra came on everyday, and people followed his instructions in an almost devout way. By October 28th, people had bought canned food by the ton, and all sorts of other reasonable things they thought should be necessary to prepare for an attack or an invasion. Van Mantra came on the television, and his usual calm and confidence reassured the populace that everything would be alright. People went outside in a synchronized fashion, after listening to all of Van Mantra’s instructions. They packed their necessary belongings, food, and everything else. They all drove to a desert in Arizona, following the precise instructions. What they saw there was astounding, amazing, the word to describe has not yet been invented, or discovered.

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