New School, First Day Fears

How hard could it be? People do it all the time…

And with thoughts like these filling her mind she left for what could be a wonderful day… or her utter demise. All seemed okay at first. She didn’t look like a geek, a relentless optimist, a wannabe, and she still had managed to look unique but not freakish. Katie sighed.

This will have to do she thought. She had never been even out of her state, and now she lived in another part of the country. It was not fair. How could she make friends when she hadn’t had a need to for the last 8 years, ever since she started kindergarten. She packed her lunch and waited while her mom got ready.

On the way to school Katie’s spirits rose a little and she managed to smile as she looked at the identical cars of all the other parents.

She walked in and realized for the first time in her life she could get lost within a building. People could assume she was a total idiot. Fear overwhelmed her. She calmed down and prepared to ask the way to the main office.

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