Show Me How Deep Your Hurt Is

I was there for you when you became anorexic.
I was there for you when you were diagnosed with anxiety.
I sat there and helped you through your panic attacks.
I was worried when you started asking me if I would cry if you died.
I wondered when you started counting the people who would go to your funeral.
I knew when you started cutting thumb holes in your clothes so the sleeves wouldn’t reveal what lay underneath.

I saw what you didn’t want me to see
But I kept quiet because that’s who I am
Don’t ask don’t tell.
But I knew
Believe me I knew
That underneath those sleeves
Laid the scars from your emotions drawn onto your skin.

Finally you showed me your scars
The cut on your bicep
The perfectly straight cuts on your forearms
The etching on your wrist.

I was there for you the whole time
Maybe you just didn’t see me
But I was there for you
I was there
waiting for you to tell.

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