Eyes of a stranger

Adriene tried not to smudge the paint on her fingernails as she reached in her wallet to pull out the dollars to pay for her manicure. As she meticulously assured that the fire red nail polish wouldn’t smudge her bright white purse, she felt something. Something like the eyes of a stranger. She looked over her shoulder…no one?
“Some child,” She muttered under her breath.
“Excuse me, miss?”
“Oh, nothing…nothing”
She opened the door and cautiously stepped out into the shopping mall. She had told her step-mother she was at her friend Jill’s house, because her mother would have never understood her driving thirty minutes to go to the mall to get her nails done when there was a place right around the corner. But it wasn’t for her nails that she came. She just needed to get away. Things got pretty crazy in that house, and the drive felt good.
what was that?? Adriene felt a hand sweep over her left shoulder. She looked with a quick glance. No one

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