Advice for the Boys

You see that girl over there right? The one that seems absolutely perfect to you? You want so badly to talk to her but the nerves are getting to you. So you walk away and never know that she was so badly wanting to talk to you but was just to afraid to. Ever felt that way before? I’m sure you have and here’s some advice from that girl…

Don’t be so afraid of me. I promise I won’t bite. I’ll actual be quite flattered that you got enough guts to talk to me instead of gawking at me like I’m some piece of meat across the room.

Want to flatter me? While calling me sexy and telling me I have a nice ass is alright I’ll immediately feel much nicer to you if u call me beautiful, pretty, and sweet instead.

Ready for that first kiss but not sure how she’ll react? Instead of diving right in hold her close and whisper in her ear “I really want to kiss you right now” so she is ready and has an oppurtunity to say “no”, but most likely she’ll have melted inside at how cute and sweet you are.

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