What Did He Do Last Night?

First of all and certainly most important, I was a man. That was quite the change from the day before. I’d never been a man before, so that particular detail really stuck out in my mind. Secondly and nearly as disturbing, I was in bed with myself.

I began to panic as I started having thoughts about body swapping. However, swapping bodies is impossible, as far as I know, so I also worried that I was on some kind of drug I didn’t remember taking. You can’t get drunk enough to wake up in someone else’s body, right? As I panicked the person next to me, stirred.

“Morning,” said the person in my body in a sleepy kind of way that sounded exactly like what I would say.

“Um…” How exactly do you talk to yourself when you’re not in your own body?

“Coffee,” the person in my body said also exactly in the way I would say it.

“Yes! Coffee!” I agreed shrilly, or tried to agree shrilly. Having this man’s deep voice made a shrill voice impossible, though the nervousness definitely got across.

“Is something wrong?”

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