Alex 1:1-13

(1)In the Beginning… There was Nothing.

(2) Then He created the World, placing in it oceans and rivers, mountains and valleys. (3) He placed plants and beasts of all varieties into the World.

(4)Next He created Man, and made him in his image. (5)He named the man Alex, and promised him dominion over the world if he proved himself worthy of it.

(6)He then created a series of Trials for Alex to complete and prove his worthiness. (7)Alex struggled through, but completed each labor.

(8)”Truly, you are the greatest of all my Creations,” He proclaimed, as He placed him above all other beasts.

(9)He looked at the World he had created, and saw that it was Good.

(10)”This is a load of crap!” the Editor grumbled. “You name the protagonist after yourself, you put him in a series of sixth grade fantasy adventures, there’s no logic, no arc, and he winds up king of the world? I can’t sell this!”

(11)And so the World was destroyed…

(12)FILE—> NEW

(13)In the Beginning… There was Nothing.

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