Alex 2:1-9

(1) The world was created again, and Alex was too, but not as king.

(2) Alex was reduced to a peasant, and Bob became the king of the world by doing nothing.

(3) Alex yelled at the editor, “You said my writing was a bunch of crap?! What kind of a twisted person would edit a perfectly good story and name the main character after themselves when their name is ‘BOB’!! It’s NOT a comedy, it’s supposed to be a tragedy!”

(4) Bob was forced to change his name to Adam and he ruled in peace over Alex for a couple of years.

(5) Then for the tragedy part, He created Eve and Adam/Bob got his heart broken because Alex was more attractive than Bob/Adam. Also, he had a much better name.

(6) Alex and Eve took over the throne and banished Bob/Adam. They ruled happily over all the animals for a cople of years.

(7) Bob planned out his revenge and killed Alex and Eve with a slingshot.

(8) Bob took over the throne and destroyed the Earth until he died.

(9) In the End… There was Nothing.

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