Vera & Adele: Vera's Story

Vera was born the daughter of a busy entrepaneur and his trophy wife. She was raised to be a CEO herself someday. Private school, a degree in business from Harvard, anything she could want. Her days were filled with vacations to exotic places, private tutors in the summer and her fancy all-girls private school for the rest of the year.

Everything was going well until the day that Vera decided to fight back against her life where creativity was unwanted and not allowed. She left her parents for an independent life. She struggled and struggled working two jobs to save up to college and get a degree in writing. After college she worked in journalism for a minor fashion magazine. She made attempts to get her novels published for another 5 years before she had a minor success in a tragedy she wrote.

Everyday she had second thoughts and worried about the life she had left. Her life was not as simple as Adele’s and jealousy took over her everytime she saw Adele doing her daily chores. How lucky Adele was…

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