After the Night Escape

We finally came up to the village, dim lights on the shore being the only sign. The sun was below the treetops now, and barely anything past the thick rushes along the edge of the marsh was distinguishable from the growing darkness. Jacob was too tired to really care, with whatever energy he’d gotten from the narrow escape earlier evaporating. All he could hear was the chirp of tree frogs as he climbed out of the boat, following his rescuers into the hamlet, into an unlit shack where they guided him to the floor. He barely hit the floor before he was asleep.

The next morning, light filtered through the thin walls of the shack, shining on his face. He arose clumsily, groaning. He stopped at the sudden dimming of the sun. He turned to the door and stared, mouth agape.
“What? How… how did you find me?”
His only answer was the cocking of the man’s rifle.

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