The girl sat herself down in front of the Compaq desktop computer. She brought her thin finger up to the monitor, slowly pressing the power button. As the computer began to whir in its starting regime, Kiera fiddled with her dark fingernails. In the reflection of the blank computer screen, she pursed her lips ever so slightly while adjusting her hair.

The desktop quickly started up. Kiera extended her arms to reach the keyboard, swiftly entering her password. AIM began initilizing, and her buddy list loaded onto the screen. Immediantly, she noticed that Giovanni’s buddy information was updated.

Within seconds of clicking on the small red circle, Kiera’s heart sank with intense force. Her heart was beating in the depth of her bowels. Right on the screen in front of her, no matter how many times she blinked, or how many times she reloaded the page, was the simple truth she had been fearing. Right there, in plain black font, was the phrase, ‘Lisa, I love you.’

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