Tell me why?

Through the times of uncertainty, through the times of darkness, through the times of simply needing you, you weren’t there. Won’t you tell me why? I don’t wanna say goodbye, that it seems so much more potential can be grown. Just when I saw some hope in relationships again, thinking that not all women is the same, all that trust we have built for each other since a year ago, can be so easily thrown away just by a phone call. You meant so much where I can go such distance for. Months went by and w/out any word from you, communications broke down from phone, to text, to mail. Then out of now where you call me it’s not going to work. I trusted you. That you’re different from any other gal in this world. But all you did was just simply prove how you’re the same as any other in this cruel world. I trusted you. Can you please tell me the truth? Cause the agony is eating me alive. It’s hurting me, is hurting my friends, it’s hurting everyone I encounter. At least owe it to us, give us the closure we both need.

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