Insomnia 2

Tom got up to answer the door after throwing on some clothes. A woman about 3 inches shorter then him stood there staring at him.

“Hi, I… uh… well I was just… kinda… you know?” She’s pretty hot, he thought, she screams potential.

“Are you lost, is there something I could help you out with?”

She backed away slowly, mumbling something about wrong apartment and new in town until she booked it down the the hallway before he could even register what it was she was saying.

When he got back to bed he was surprised to find himself thinking about her and her deep green eyes. He usually never thinks about woman specifically.

Lillian pulled back her brown hair, embarrassed about disturbing the man, although he was very attractive. _God, I am such a dummy sometimes, I can’t even read the apartment number I wrote down, its either a 1 or a 7. Its a not a one so….

She knocked on her sister’s door and after she had gotten settled in thought about the man down the hall.

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