“People might ask who we are. What do we tell them?â€? she questioned shortly.

“You are a relative of mine, whom I’m escorting about town.â€?

“Are they going to believe that? We don’t look anything the same.â€? her look remained skeptical.

“You want to tell them we’re married?â€? his look masked his internal irritation and surprise.

“We won’t want to create suspicion.â€? she declared, biting her lip.

“You know about that.â€? he muttered, smiling softly.

“It got me results, didn’t it?â€? she shot back, holding up her hands.

“Relax,â€? his nonchalant voice answered her. “I’m not insulting you.â€?

“Well, good.â€? she rolled her shoulders once more and smiled faintly.

“But I’m not complimenting either.â€?

“So I’m your wife during all this?â€? she mouthed slowly, testing the words out on her lips like a foreign delicacy for the first time.


“What about the children in my charge?â€?

He could not mask the ensuing look of astonishment and displeasure on his face at her inquiry. “What children?â€?

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