The Toaster Adventures, Parts of Toaster

“That’s it. That electric shock must have done something to my brain. I’m hallucinating.”

The cat smirked. “If you think that now, wait ‘til you see this.” She gathered herself for a pounce, then leaped right into the toaster, blithely vanishing into the “One Slice” slot in a crackle of blue electricity.

While I blinked and rubbed my eyes, her voice echoed hollowly from inside the toaster. “Ah, I see your problem. You have a busted framistat.” An oddly-shaped piece of metal flew out the mouth of the toaster, followed by another, then two more. “And your nerflplotz is completely out of adjustment.” More pieces followed.

By now, the pile of pieces was twice as big as the toaster itself. I picked up the toaster and peered into it, trying to see what was going on in there. For my trouble, I was rewarded with a cat in the face, as the toaster popped up and propelled her back out. I dropped the toaster and fell over onto my back again.

“There you go,” the cat said, daintily grooming herself. “Try it now.”

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