” ‘Old it!” Red yelled. “I have changed my mind. Drag him to the brig. I will not give the satisfaction of a quick death.” She smiled maniacally.
She later went down to the brig to see him.
“Kate? Why do this to me?” Richard looked into her eyes, and saw the coldness.
“It’s Captain Red Moscow. Kate left long ago. She was commited to sea.”
“Don’t talk like that. You were always…”
“Always what? Always fascinated with the sea?” Her nose flared.
“No. Always so beautiful. Always so angry.” Richard looked away.
“Shut up!” Red screamed, and kicked the bars. “If your father had been hung, you would be angry too.”
“My father wasn’t a pirate.” He spat.
“Look a’ this!” She twirled around grandly. “Who wouldn’t want this? Who wouldn’t want a world free of petticoats, corsets, and etiquette?” Red laughed again. “I have created this world for the select few who choose to live in it. And you? What do you have? A sword? I have that. A hat? I’ve got plenty. I have everything you have.”
“Everything but happiness.”

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