Friends, romans, countrymen, lend me your pants!

“Dude, the exam starts in five minutes.”

He started to walk away while staring at my bare legs.

It’s at that point that I felt something in my underwear as I was nervously scratching my left cheek. It was my wallet. I had it this whole time.

Which left me with a dilemma. Should I go back and get my Cheetos, Or should I jet to class for the exam?


”...this is the last call for Mark Axelrod, Mark Axelrod…,” I heard as I entered the exam room, pantless, holding a bag of Cheetos, licking my cheesy fingers.”

“Yes, I’m present,” I sheepishly replied, followed by small murmurs of laughter… He stared at me for a stout five seconds, shrugged and pointed to the microphone stand up front,

“You’re turn.”

Zoinks. I forgot that this was an oral exam. I slowly sauntered to the microphone, feverishly trying to remember what I’m supposed to oralize. Who has an oral exam for a math class? I looked in front of me, at all my classmates, and it kinda hit me:

I’m in front of 50 nerds, and I have no pants on.

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