The Darkness

“No!!! Duck!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed at my brother as I saw the gun poke through the trees. There was no telling where it was aiming, and I wasn’t taking any chances. I wasn’t going to go back to Mom and tell her that I was the reason her son was dead. He was frozen with fear, and I wasn’t far behind. Adrenaline gave me an extra boost as I rushed toward my brother, aiming for his waist. Grabbing him, I dragged him down to the ground as the shots rang out.

Screaming rang in my ears, and all I could think was, “Oh God, please don’t let him be hit.” As spots invaded my line of sight, I drew my brother closer to check him; no marks. Oddly, my breath was coming shorter. My back hurt… why? Had I slammed it on the cement? I didn’t think so… but it hurt so bad!

Darkness, pain, my brother shaking me, yelling. He rolled me over onto my side, putting pressure on my back. Soon I heard sirens squealing through the noise. Good… I could let go now. It would be fine. We were safe; we’d get home to Mom.

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