The Utimate Price

It’s time. Oh, how I have waited for this night! I’ve planned this night for months. plotting every tiny detail. I knew exactly which moment every piece would fall into place. Everything went according to plan. All it took was one quick blow. It was, in my opinion, a very tasteful ending for him, a very distasteful man. I, armed with a fiery red lipstick, hatred and detest churning in my heart, and the knife I had hidden in my nightstand, had kissed him on the neck as I delivered the blow. He never saw it coming. He thought I was clueless. Oh, was he wrong! Tonight he paid the ultimate price. Now I removed the knife, laid him face up on the table, and stabbed a goodbye note written in lipstick onto his chest. It was signed, “Love, Kelly.” Kelly would pay too. The deed was done.

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