Sweet Surrender

She looks up at me, both hesitant and eager at the same time. She does not know what to expect, only to obey everything I ask of her, to surrender completely.

There is fear in her eyes. It is that fear that excites both her and me. After all, fear and lust are closely intertwined. They drive us like no other emotion can, they can make us do many things. Yes, she will do many things. Her fear and lust will merge into a single wave of excitement and pleasure.

I reach out and touch stroke her cheek lightly. She smiles, reassured and silently reaffirming her trust in me. I will play with her limits today, test her trust and her resolve. There is a fine line between fear that excites and fear that makes you run. I want to get close to that boundary and yet never cross it. The anticipation of the pleasure to come makes me shudder with excitement.

I go over my every changing and ever burgeoning plans. Her complete surrender drives my mind to ever more exciting possibilities. Where do I stop and where do I begin?

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