Home Part Three

Fawn gathered the fruit on her list. When she looked up from her completed work, the boy was gone. She felt disappointed but told herself it was for the best.She headed for the checkout aisles. And there he was again. Fawn knew that she should choose an aisle with a female cashier, or maybe that one with the elderly gentlemen. But there was some deliciousness about walking up to the blue-eyes boy and placing her fruit on the counter.
“Trevor.” Fawn almost gasped when she realized she had read his name tag out loud.
“And your name?” He asked her, raising one of his eyebrows at the shocked look on her face. She tugged at her sleeve nervously.
“Fawn. Well, Fawn 13” She replied in the meekest tone.
“What’s the 13? Your cereal number?” Fawn hadn’t experienced sarcasm.
“No. There are 12 other girls my age at Home. I am the youngest. The last to change years. So I am the thirteenth.” The boy seemed taken aback. It took him a few moments to respond.
“Well, since you’re the only one I know, how about just Fawn?”

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