“What does this chevron thingy mean again.â€?

Malcolm shook his head. Turning to look at Rey he noticed that there where no chevrons on Rey’s screen.

“Do you have to do this everyday.â€?

Reaching across Reys duty station, Malcolm flicked on the intercom.

“Coffee please.â€?

Rey laughing leaned back in his chair.

“More importantly what does any of this mean again.?â€?

Malcolm turned back to his duty station and clearing his throat began to recite from memory the Border Watch Mission Statement.

“We strive to be the best providers of continuous, Algorithmically assisted, Statistically augmented, non-unionized, Strange attractor, quasi-mnemonic, border watching systems, solutions and personal in the Greater Homogenized Union.â€?

“Quote, unquote.â€?

“Exactlyâ€?. Malcolm added.

Rey marveled again at how Malcolm good do things like that. Not just remember things so exactly, but to repeat day after day the answers to his questions. The same questions he asked day after day. With out going completely apeshit.

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