Frozen Treats

I hadn’t seen him in ten years, apparently, there was a reason for that. A reason I couldn’t remember.

I’d like to say that he appeared like Mary Poppins, with a gust of wind, but I’ve vowed not to embellish the story.

I actually found him at a small roadstand. Technically, it wasn’t a “small” roadstand, but a national chain. And I didn’t find him, he told me he was working there.

“Umm. Hi.” I stammered, after the bald guy in front of me had gotten his “strawberry lemon surprise”.
“Hey. You came. So?” He sort of smiled in his round about way.
“Oh. Uhh. Lemon, please.” He went in the back and started scooping. I rolled my eyes as his co-worker squealed in a flirting manner about the rain.

After what seemed like ages, he handed me my frozen treat. Like a lemon is supposed to be, the whole thing was bitter-sweet.

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