Terrifying Story: I "LOCK THE DOORS!"

Mark and Cindy drove quickly down the country road.

“You know if dad found out I had to pick you up, your would never be aloud to leave the house again.”

“Mark, for the last time! I wasn’t drinking! You don’t understand how hard it is to call your brother to come and get you because you’re allergic to beer.”

“Well, I think you should know better than to be there in -“


Out of the corn field on the left barreled an enourmous black machine that seemed to hover about 4 feet off the ground. Mark swerved to miss it and drove into the ditch.

“What the hell is that thing?” Mark whispered.

A door opened up near the end of the machine, producing 2 people dressed in all black wearing black gas masks that covered thier faces.


Marks fingers fumbled around the switches as the 2 masked figures ran at the car. “Click,” the doors locked.

The figures reached the car, and without trying the handles, reached straight through the windows.

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