Terrifying Story: II "Stay away from the wall!"

The first black figure had marks hair in 1 hand and was knocking out the rest of the window with the other. Cindy tryed to open her door, but it was locked, and as soos as she clicked the “unlock” button on her side, the 2nd black hand burst through her window.

Time had passed and they were moving. How much time? Where were they headed? Both ansewers meant nothing as Marks eyes adjusted the the dim light and his sisters kneeling over him, tears streaming down her face. He sat bolt upright.

“Cindy where are we!?”

She was still crying on the dirty red carpet. Mark stood up and walked blindly towards the darkness that surrounded them. The room they were in lurched forward making the over head light swing, giving only Cindy the view of a wall covered in 1” thick tentacles.

“Stay away from the walls Mark!”

Mark caught a glimpse of the writhing wall and spun away to head for the center of the room. The room lurched again, flinging his back against the wet, slithering wall.

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