High School.

You might not know then that there is more things to life than the boy or girl you have a crush on, the football games you attend, the cliques you hang out with, all that matters is what you choose to show and potray to other people. It might be good or bad, just as long it’s you and not the person they want you to be or expect.

There are so many years ahead and I understand that being a senior and graduating school is just the beginning. The friends that you might have now, most likely wont show up until your high school reuinion. You just choose not to accept it because its the TRUTH . Truth is what might not get you through the day but if you choose to accept things that might not be your way all the time it will make you a better person for yourself and for other people in the future.

Future is always unpredictable, but you can always guess and wonder what might happen but its not always what you plan so make the past count and memorable so there will be a great future ahead.

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