Heros Emerge

On a day like any other day, James and his four friends were walking through the forest on their way home from school when they found a clearing that they had never seen before, despite the fact that they had walked the same route to and from school every day for about ten years.
This clearing had a seven-foot tall pedestal set in the center of it that had five sides with each side having a handprint etched into it. Each of them walked up to one side of the pedestal in a zombie-like state and touched their right hands to the handprints.
Immediatly, the handprints started glowing and the light traveled down their arms and surrounded them. This light gave them knowledge and the ability to use a power that would allow them to battle against an evil that is threatening the entire world.
As suddenly as it all started, it ended. Each of them woke up the next day, thinking that it all was a dream until they looked at their hands and that each of them had a glowing, ring-like tattoo.
To Be Continued…

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