A Great Peice of Music

There is nothing better than a great piece of music. Most of the time, you don’t know it’s great until half way through, when you look at the person next to you, and see that like yourself, they are having a hard time playing through their smiles. Our first great peice came about a 4 weeks from the end of marching season when,

James Bond
“Theme from, Die Another Day

,was placed on our old black music stands. From then on, it was memorized and played before every game, and after football ended, it was played before each concert. It never failed to give everyone who joined in the feeling that they could do anything.

It would usually be me, on the tenor sax, or someone on the baritone sax who started it, and after one of us played the first 5 notes, everyone knew it was time. Next to come in would be the altos, to finish up the intro, then the trumpets and percussion.

By the end of the song, we were ready for anything.

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