Jack White- Escape

The light was bright. The humming of the helicopter as fast as the beating heart within him. His look almost completely calm. Dovens of cars baring down on him and two helicopters not 50 feet above him. His thoughts were: “I’ve never been in the spotlight before.” Outrunning the cars into suburbia he seemed to know his and the cops’ every move well before it was made. Hurdling fences like a true Olympian he had the same calm look now almost taunting the police. Then with a smirk and a wink he seemed to disappear. Now everything was dark. He slowed down but still was going pretty fast climbing fence after fence. Then he came to a house and a yard. It seemed familiar. He had to go in. He was almost drawn to it like a moth to light yet still conscious. He simply broke the handle off and walked in. He hadn’t relized it really until he saw the man who owned the house. He strangely fled.

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