Poop mowing

However the oddity of her request makes me consider the possibility of a little experiment. After checking to make sure no one is watching, I remove the grass catch from the back of the mower and head over to take care of Dog Woman’s two problems—unmowed grass and unscooped poop.
Now this particular mower can shoot the clippings backward into a catch or out the side of the mower. Normally the latter option sucks, since I have to go back and rake the leftover grass. Why cover the same yard twice, right? But now there is at least a little incentive to double my work. Man has always gone to great lengths for the sake of entertainment.
And now I’m ready to mow. I have a half a tank of gas in the machine. The grass-killing beast is set to cut, mulch and fling anything that comes under its blades out to the side. It’s a sunny day in July, and I’m going poop mowing.

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