Your Heart, His Choice

For my best friend Pete I wish that I could give the Clarke that he wants and deserves. I wish I could make Clarke see that you were the best man for him. I wish that I could take back his mistakes for you. I wish that you could be happy and that the man or should I say boy could see that what they have right in front of them is better than anything else that they are going to find out there. I wish they could see it before they would break your heart. As I hear the way that you still talk about him, I hurt for you because I can hear it in your voice that you still want to be with him but can keep giving him the chance to prove himself again. I feel sorry for him in way he was not ready for you, but when he is, he will not get the chance again for he broke your beautiful heart. Nevertheless, I cannot make his choices for him and when you make a choice, you must live with the outcome.

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