Back to "Normal"?

Over the next day or so, the air gradually leaked out of me, and I shrank back down toward my normal size. As I shrank, I gradually became able to move again. With puffy fingers, I fumbled for the pump on the floor. It took some effort, but I eventually managed to wedge the nozzle into my mouth and open the valve on the end. With a hiss, I deflated the rest of the way back to normal.

Well, most of me did. I looked down at my belly and frowned. From the bulge there, I appeared to be about nine months pregnant. How was I going to explain that?

I wondered what it was I was pregnant with. Were they dead? Had they drowned in there? But no—I felt movement inside of me. They were still alive and kicking. I wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or just more disturbed.

In any event, I wasn’t going to stay around here. I started out the door—then stopped and picked up the pump. I wasn’t about to leave this thing lying around.

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