Sophia's Story 1

A long time ago in a land far from here,there lived a beautiful Queen and her handsome King.
They had a beautiful baby Princess.
Her name was Sophia.
They lived in a very large castle that sat a top of a majestic hill over looking their great kingdom.
A magical forest surrounded the castle.With one road leading to the village at the bottom of the hill.
Many people lived in the village.Shopkeepers,bakers and of course candlestick makers.
Everyone had a job to do in the village. More work to do than you could imagine.
When Sophis was born the King sent word for the entire village to come welcome her to the world.
The people brought her silver and gold.
Wrote her poetry that had never been told.
Sang her songs with voices strong and so bold.
They held a festival in the village to celebrate the newborn princess everyone came.
There was only one exception the mean evil nasty wicked witch Pricilla.

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