You Don't Know Jack *

Jack grabbed his cell phone, called a cab,
to take him to the small modest house, where his family had lived since the early 60’s.
It would take aleast 30 miniutes to get across town.
The accident was all he could think about.
Would this work?
Going home like nothing ever happened.
Who was she? Did anyone see?
No! No! no one was there but me.
Try to relax, I need some sleep thinking to himself.
Jack slumped over to rest his head on his gym bag.
Jack eyes opened when the cab came to a short stop, throwing his head forward, hey watch it, Jack shouted,
cab drivers.
That ‘ll be 35 dollars.
Highway robbery I tell you.
Standing in front of the house he saw his mother look out the livingroom window.
The front door flew open and his father rushed out to meet him,the old place could use some repairs dad,
trying to keep his voice calm and his words from cracking.

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