A wish for ignorance from the real Green Eyed Truth.

If anyone were ever to care enough to invest a little time getting to know Astrlin, they would soon discover that the truth of Astrlin’s life was indeed much stranger than the fiction that enveloped her social life.

Well, Astrlin often fantasized that she could share the truth of her life with a true friend. But the fantasy was always tempered with the reality that this could and would never happen. And with this was the sad understanding that a true and honest friendship would never be in her future.

Her family moved to a new town at least every two years and Astrlin had long ago given up on making an effort at friendships. Aside from the childish rubbish that kids her age rumored about her, they appeared to be a middle class blue collar family. Dad was a boilermaker and mom was a homemaker. The sterotypical American Family.

In truth however, they had come to the U.S. only 11 years ago from Israel. No one could ever discover they were actually Mossad. Assassination Squad.

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