Ice Cream Ecstasy

Summer has a flavor, I thought. Peach ice cream. I closed my eyes as I licked my frozen nirvana.

Usually, summer means bubble gum cigars, or pistashios… but this? Unlike anything else. Was it possible to serve happiness on a sugar cone? Could it be bought with sprinkles? These were questions begging to be answered.

Of course, like anything, it could soon die. God forbid it started to melt! And if one were to consume it in the winter, when all frozen treats are safe, would it be the same?

I glanced over my shoulder at the kid staring at me. Hasn’t he ever seen bliss, before? I scowled, and he ran away.

Because it was one o’clock, a prime time for the sun, the only part of me that was cool were my lips. And subsequently, my fingers which had ice cream droplets on them.

For once, I didn’t care about looking childish.

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