Subways Aren't What They Seem

I knew the answer though.

I couldn’t forget the rush – that one day where it happened.

Subway, no one on it except me, just the dark lonely tunnel ahead.

A swig of cola, some left over gooey Heath bar with the sticky bits clinging between my teeth.

Then the silver laughter of … something inhuman.

The flash, the accelaration, then…

...I was there.

A land full of people licking and slurping peach ice cream and Heath bar Blizzards from frozen fingertips. Each man, woman and child grinning from ear to ear, and totally heedless of the strange alien shapes that hovered behind them, wafting something into large balloon like bags.

Energy farm the silvery voice giggled in my ear. The human emotion of delight powers our interstellar engines. Come join us, let us give you pleasure as you feed our engines and travel the universe.

Then the moment was gone, and only the harsh clackety sounds of the jostling subway remained.

One day, I hope, I’ll have a second chance at that choice.

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