Just Listen

There was a world beyond this one. There was a place where life never was expected to take a turn. It only had two colors: black and white. It was a small world- no life, no meaning, nothing. In that world there was no hope.
People were routine, the same, but ubiquitous still. Their life was dull, full of only the same annoyances, the same purpose for each human.
Were they expected to learn, to share, to live, to love? No.
And what of this world? This world has so many colors- so many people, so many thoughts, and risks. Life is complicated, harsh, different every day. Routine is just a word with a blank meaning. No, there is no routine.
Do you step in the same, exact place twice? Do you greet the same person in the same manner without a different thought in your head, a different intention, a different hope or desire running through your head?
Yeah, our world has color- our world has fear, envy, desire, hope, life, love.
Every day fades into another, bringing something we have never experienced before.

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