I Want To Go Home

Red Moscow packed the few things she owned. I shall return, She had told her crew the night before. Mitts, I place you in charge. I never did get around to naming a firstmate, anyway.

Red lifted the dresses from her trunk. Petticoats… corsets…bonnets? What am I doing? She closed her eyes as she pulled herself into the endless amount of cloth. Aa knock was heard at the door. “Kate?” Richard called.
“Just wait one bloody minute!” She screamed as the door swung open. He looked at her awkwardly standing there in only a corset. “Can’t get the bloody thing tied.” She seethed. Richard stared for a minute longer, then turned around. “There.” said Red resolutely after some minutes had passed.

As the rowboat lowered, Red considered jumping back onto the ship. Only Richard’s steady grasp kept her there. “You’ll love it.” He was saying. He kept talking about the buildings and markets and parties.
“I want to go home.” She whispered.

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