We grow up
And We change
Lives get rearanged
Hearts get beaten and stained
Yet so many go on all the same,
I can’t keep this up
I feel this whole radical situation
Is deranged,
Life is an attempt at forever
An attempt in vain
Life looks at me
A face worn from disdain
And she ponders aloud
Why no one remains in her domain
Why no one out lives her name,

Her name lasting through time
Even long after this poem has run out of ways to rhyme
And its writer is still worth less then a dime
Life goes on
Even when things go wrong
She doesn’t seem to care
That we go on unaware,

Many say this maiden isn’t fair
But I think she has beauty that cannot compare
Even with death in her cold hard stare,
One day she will grow old
Her hair cut and sold
Her skin full of folds
She will have changed so much
Her hands loosing that delicate touch,
Her heart will be torn
Especially by peoples scorn,
But Life will go on
Even if not for so long,
She one day will surely die
If not her
Then surely I

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