Jacks Back

On the way into the house dad was talking but I didn’t hear.I was still there at the wreak,it was a good thing I pulled her out of the of the wreakage and called 911, why did I run?After all the vette is in my name,it want be long before they track me down.Jack I’m so glad your home,it’s been to long,you must be tired after your long trip.
Dusted out your room and you know it’s just like you left it.
He leaned to give her a hug and kiss on the cheek,thanks mom.I wanted to tell dad what had happened, I was just to wore down and knew I needed to clean up, maybe I will feel a little better.Jack go on up and get settled, supper will be ready in a hour or so.Jack climbed the stairs great 28 and living with my parents again.After his shower he lathered up his face,mom I need another towel,mom? Thats strange I can hear them like there in the next room. Mom he yelled, down the stairs a towel. In the closet now.K.While shaving he listened to the down stairs conversation, it was like they were whispering in his ear.

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