Giants on the Rebound

“You must choose the trial, Qubeah,” Yllith said, ignoring the young man’s wince as he wrapped and firmly tied the dock leaf and balm around the gash in Qubeah’s forearm.

The physical harm the He-phan’s had done Yllith could heal, he knew there was little he could do to heal the young man’s spirit or grief.

“The trial is simple enough,” Qubeah glanced at his mentor with a harsh laugh.

“Revenge is- ,” Yllith began cautiously.

“Revenge will come in it’s own time.” Qubeah surprised Yllith with his sudden maturity. “Bid all the those whose wish to trial for leader to come to the cages. Let the one who can repair the most take the sacred axe upon himself.”

“Ah,” Yllith nodded, understanding Qubeah’s plan. “The He-phans thought to gain control of our lands by directing the Giants towards us,” Yllith grinned. “Now you would block the Giant’s way and they’d have no where to go but to…”

“They return to the ones who sent them,” Qubeah’s grim smile said it all. “My revenge will finally come of it.”

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