The Teta Retribution

Vera sat in Harry’s study, watching red tetras weave through plastic flowers to avoid the amorous yellow guppy hell bent on mating with something. She turned the handle of the fishing net between her fingers.

I don’t recall asking what you thought. She had heard worse. Still, the insult stuck to her ribs like Texas BBQ

“Why a guppy? I thought it was going to try and mate with every other fish in the tank?â€?

“So,â€? He replied. “Besides, I don’t recall asking you what you thought.â€?

Damned yellow guppy. An exhausted tetra covered the entire tank looking for relief from the nipping at its nearly transparent black tail. Vera scooted forward for a closer look. The tetra turned and butt at it in anger. The guppy swam away only to return seconds later.

Vera opened the lid of the aquarium and caught the guppy unsuspecting in the net. She snatched the net from the water and laid the net with its hostage atop Harry’s desk. With a hint of satisfaction, Vera watched the guppy gulp frantically for its last breath.

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