The Shock

See I was eating with the girls at the Dee Lin Cafe when as usually I was boosting and showing off my husband accomplishments and his recently contributions to many different projects and experiences. So Miss Dominique, she owns a club, was telling me about her gay son, how he just came out to her and the rest of her family and I was talking how it was appalling about her gay son and then my girl friend Miss Latoya, she’s a successful Doctor who was telling me & the girls how her brother was gay and my other friend Miss Natasha was telling us about her gay bestfriend. I explained to the girls how I didnt have any gay friends and how I’m a little homophobic. Then Miss Latoya told me about their lifestyles and showed me a popular gay and lesbian magazine. So I looked through it and was very disgusted by the things that I saw and then I saw it! I started to scream. My friends said “whats wrong” and I said thats my husband with the black hair in that picture!!!!

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