the plan 2

She lived out side the kingdom, for the king had banished her years ago.Pricilla had lived on the castle grounds until she was over heard insulting the king. Now she lives alone with only her cat clawed,the cat is the only living thing she has to talk to.
Every day she would think and plan how to get even with the king.When sophia was born she turned to clawed I have waited and now is the time, so she paced and she plotted her evil plan.Walking over to her cabinet looking at the jars of powders that sat on the shelves indeed I do need a potion a spell so simple so easy that no one can tell. So one by one the jars hoped off the shelf and lined up next to the big black pot.Begin she shouted so the jars marched by the pot tipping their necks spilling the powders into the pot.Now back on the shelf you go.Wicked evil pricilla walked slowly back to the shelf raising one eyebrow and in a scratchy voice, we seem to be missing an ingredient one of you.The little jar at the end of the shelf gasped jump down and ran

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