At the Ball Game

“Do you think Kurt will be pissed off when he finds out there really is a heaven?” Robert asked Isaac.

“Probably not. Despite what he says, he’s really an optimist.”

“Popcorn?” Robert angled his bag toward Isaac.

“No, I’ll get my own in a minute.” He looked up at the sky and missed watching Paige strike out Slaughter. “Dang, he works fast. Who’s up next?”


“Yeah?” Isaac stood up. “Cobb, you bum! Last night you went two for four! Is that worthy of a legend!? Strike the bum out, Paige.”

Paige waved and Cobb glowered. “Jesus, Isaac, you really pissed him off. You know, no one that I know of has been killed here yet. You might be the first if you keep razzing Cobb like that.”

“I’m pretty sure you can’t kill a dead guy. Stubbing your toe still hurts so I imagine one of his fists upside my head wouldn’t feel good.”

Paige threw a pitch up and inside to Cobb. Cobb hit the deck then turned his glare onto Paige. Isaac whooped.

“Ha! Attaboy! Put one in his ear!”

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