Damn robot

Daniel turned a shade of green as the robot started running towards him. “Oh my God!” He shouted.
“Oh God, 1977,movie with George Burns and John Denver.”The robot said in an eerie voice,”Book 2 came out three years later.Walmart carries both titles,each for 12.99.Would you like to purchase book one or book 2?”
Vikki laughed a bit and said, “Look, it’s a walking advertisement.Walmart has gotten their robots to do their own commercial! We’re paying them to sell their product!
Daniel thought this was funny, but was still mortified by the robot still running at him. Somehow the robot could walk and run at the same time. “Okay…this is cute. How do I shut this thing off?” He thought Vikki knew all the answers.
“How should I know?” She almost shouted.
The robot began to talk again. “The thing. 1982. Directed by John Carpenter. Scientists in Antarctica are being attacked by an alien who can turn into people that it kills.” At that he starts running even faster.

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