Crazy chickens and their offspring

For some reason Becky couldn’t figure out why these stupid chickens kept hanging around her house. She lived in a not-so-rural area, so there really was no reason for chickens to hang out there.
One day she came home and found seventeen eggs in a nest under her car. She knew how many it was, because she counted them as she threw one by one into traffic. She was sick of these chickens and wanted to get rid of them!
All of a sudden, her yard was filled with chickens. They were in her front yard, her side yard, her backyard, even some had ventured into her neighbor’s yard. It was very weird. There was one who must have been the “head chicken” because he would do something, and the rest would seem to follow him. Becky looked all around as chickens started forming all over the place. They were coming out of the woodwork!
They must have been mad at Becky for throwing those eggs because they all started running towards her.

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