What We Come to Fear

There were days when Chloe had no idea what to expect. She felt trapped in her body with no way out. She would beg and plead with no avil. This unwanted life was but a waste. Everyday she comtemplated what was to come. All these enemies she has had to conquer, for what she wonders? Is any of it worth it? We are all surrounded by false hope and fake sincerity. We live are lives to die. We cannot make our own endings nor do we have the time so say goodbye. There are no second chances with death. He waits for no one.
Chloe pretends to be happy, but she gets sucked into a hole that she cannot escape. She has seen the darknes and never the light. She wonders if she could ever let go. If she could “snap out of it.”
“Don’t let me fall,” she begs. She is only a girl of 18 and still she never wants more, just less. Her pain, undescribable. Her thoughts, deafening. Her tears, fire. She is but a girl- a girl who has seen hell and knows no boundaries with death.

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